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Star HinduBelivers
join all the peoples who belives in Vogoban.

Group Founder: pizus
Description: in all the happyness,sad & human beings the Vogoban is present.we can,t come to this beutiful world if He doesn't create us and this world.He is always present in our breath.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 13
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Hinduism

Topics (4)

go Stop idol worshiping (6) 1.ranjan
I am a hindu but prohibited idol worship because a stone nothing gives to us he can't kill a fly then how can he listen us? Vedas also prohibited this idol worship we should stop idol worshiping

go Define god (2) cmbel
Can any one define god. No supper knowledge required scientifically explainable god?

go Wht u believe in? (2) shinejf
Wht do hindu ppl believe in especially a Tammil?

go RSS n bajrang dal (0) softie
what do u ppl think of them?